Dementia Crae


Our Care approach is rooted in compassion

Celdor Care specialises in providing comprehensive dementia care services, dedicated to supporting individuals with dementia and their families. Our approach to dementia care is rooted in compassion, expertise, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by this condition. We aim to enhance the quality of life for our clients by offering personalised care that addresses their specific needs and promotes their dignity and well-being.

Our team of highly trained caregivers is experienced in managing the various stages of dementia, from early diagnosis to advanced progression. They receive specialised training in dementia care, equipping them with the skills to handle the complexities of the condition with patience and empathy. This includes understanding the behavioral changes associated with dementia, employing effective communication techniques, and implementing strategies to manage symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, and agitation.

At Celdor Care, we develop individualized care plans tailored to each client's unique situation. These plans encompass a range of services designed to support daily living activities, ensure safety, and provide mental and emotional stimulation. Our caregivers assist with personal care tasks, medication management, meal preparation, and mobility support. They also engage clients in meaningful activities that promote cognitive function and emotional well-being, such as reminiscing exercises, music therapy, and gentle physical activities.

We understand the importance of creating a safe and familiar environment for individuals with dementia. Our caregivers work closely with families to create a supportive home setting that minimizes confusion and maximizes comfort. Additionally, we offer guidance and support to family members, helping them understand the condition and providing them with the tools to cope with its challenges.

Choosing Celdor Care for dementia care means entrusting your loved ones to a team dedicated to delivering high-quality, person-centered care. Our goal is to provide compassionate support that allows individuals with dementia to live with dignity, respect, and as much independence as possible.